IAmForTheChild1170Our mission is to provide trained court appointed volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused or neglected children in the juvenile court system. While most of the time this means advocating for the best interests of the child in regards to a permanent home, our volunteers also advocate to make sure children get all of the services they need that are available through DHS, like tutoring, clothes vouchers, healthcare, etc.

Statement of Dedication

CASA by the Numbers
On average each year (since 2009):
– Over 200 advocate volunteers serve
– Over 700 children in
– Over 300 court cases

In fiscal year 2011, our volunteers drove over 163,000 miles and spent over 16,250 hours serving the children for whom they advocate.

While 700 kids sounds like a lot, that number represents only about 30% of the abused and neglected children in cases in Oklahoma County. That means that there are over 1400 children in Oklahoma County court cases of abuse and neglect without an advocate, without that one person who will always be there for them and look out for their best interests.

 All children are quick to hope. Hope is what carries us all into tomorrow and new beginnings. Children in foster care are no different. These children, that the public knows only as faceless statistics, are part of the portrait of our future. They are courageous children, full of potential and the grace of endurance. They are waiting for a guiding hand and a forever family–they are waiting for us. With compassion and guidance, they can step out of the shadows of abuse and neglect and into the light of love, acceptance and accomplishment.

Kathy McCarty, CASA of Oklahoma County Child Advocate


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